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Best Quality Aromatic Rice

02 Sep 2020
Aromatic rice in India for Export by Merchentus India :

Aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.- Asian Rice) is considered as the best quality premium rice. The varieties are preferred by consumers because of its preference criteria such as shape, colour, distinctive aroma and flavor. The price of aromatic rice is higher than ordinary rice due to its special needed growth condition, for instance, specific climate and soil.

Aromatic rice provides the most benefits of health and nutrition. These are considered healthier as they possess more vitamins and fiber in their outer bran layers.

Aromatic rice constitutes a small but special group of rice and are considered the best in terms of quality and aroma. The aroma is one of the most significant quality traits of rice, and variety with aroma has a higher price in the market.

India is a treasure trove of varieties scented rice from every region and has a tradition of production, since ancient times.  For example, Gobinda Bhog rice (West Bengal) has the history since, 500 to 600 years in the past. This rice has got GI. Kalanamak rice is the oldest rice brand that started at 600 years BC. According to the story the seed had been gifted by Gautam Buddha to the villagers of Malta now known as Modila village (UP). Britishers also had preserved this rice and used to send it to England. This rice has got GI in 2012. Similarly, Tulai Panji rice grown in West Dinajpur of West Bengal, which has got GI, has a very long history and there is mention of this rice even in Mythology. Tulai Panji means it is lighter like cotton and highly scented.

Look beyond the Basmati on the shelves of your supermarket and give indigenous aromatic varieties a chance — your taste buds are sure to thank you for bringing something new to the table!.

Black rice also called forbidden rice or "emperor's rice,"(in China) is gaining popularity for its high levels of antioxidants and superior nutritional value. It is the only rice to contain the antioxidant known as anthocyanin which is known to be cancer-fighting, beneficial for heart health and inflammatory conditions. It also helps fight obesity. Black rice contains more Vitamins B and E, Niacin, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc compared to white rice.

Non-basmati aromatic rice is having several varieties, not very popularly known, are more scented and tastier.

Top Exporting Countries of Rice in the World :

1. India (30.1%)

2. Thailand (22.7%)

3. Vietnam (9%)

4. Pakistan (8.1%)

5. U.S.A (6.9%)

Top Importing Countries of Rice in the World :

1. China (6.5%)

2. Iran (4.9%)

3. Saudi Arabia (4.8%)

4. Indonesia (4.2%)

5. U.S.A (3.9%)

India's Export to countries :

1. Saudi Arabia

2. Iran

3. UAE

4. Iraq

5. Bangladesh

6. Nepal

The blog is written by S.K.Bag, MD, Merchentus India as part of www.merchentusindia.com

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