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Film on Transport Crawler and shifting of face conveyor- by SKBag, Merchentusindia

29 Aug 2020
Transport crawler for semi-mobile in-pit crushing system:

Transport crawler is required to shift in-pit crusher at pit bottom in an opencast mine from time to time to maintain travel distance of dumper from coal face to in-pit crusher within 700 m to 1000 m. This is necessary to reduce the overall transport cost in a mine.

Transport crawler is used to shift heavy weight in-pit crusher unit from one bench to another bench and also for relocating in opencast mine. Without such type of equipment, it becomes very difficult to shift the total crusher unit. This saves money and time. However, investment is high, hence, using such transport crawler infrequently may be uneconomic. However, incase of multiple no of crushers in a big opencast mine with long strike length, this equipment may be very useful, specially, incase if advance of coal face is fast.

In India the transport crawler had been used at Ramagundum OC-II mine under SCCL, AP. This video includes the clipping of transport crawler used at Ramagundun OC-II. It had been installed by Thyssen Krupp Foedertechnik. Germany.

Shifting of face conveyor for mobile in-pit crushing system

In mobile in-pit crushing system no dumper is used. Shovel directly discharge coal from face to mobile crusher unit. The distance between coal face and conveyor is increased gradually and after certain time it becomes necessary to shift the entire face conveyor parallel to face,which may be quite long to shift laterally. This video demonstrates this process. The above video is a very interesting video and rare. Without such technique it will take long time to shift the entire face conveyor adjacent to coal face. 

Such type system had been implemented at Piparwar Mine under CCL. The installation had been done by M/S White Industries, Australia. The mobile crusher had been supplied by Thyssen Krupp, Gernany. Till now Piparwar mine had very high OMS of around 37, which is highest in India. The annual production achieved was 7.0 MTPA. For mobile crushing system, it could have been possible to achieve such high OMS and production with only one mobile crusher.

The above blog may benefit persons involved in planning and operation of modern mine. I shall be happy to answer any question, if asked.


Shyamal Kumar Bag

E-mail: shyamalkumarbag@gmail.com

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