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Importance & Strategies for B2B marketing by Abhra Neel Bag

31 Aug 2020
Today world culture:

Getting started and get the job done of anything we need internet. Geologizing of every matter starting from needle to airplane we use internet . Almost 70% of our leisure time (especially in Asian Countries) we spent on Google, YouTube, Facebook and other Social  Sites.  When it comes to shopping and entertainment like Amazon and Netflix we make purchase and stream movie in the virtual world.

And when it comes to business every corporates and business firm spent millions of dollars in advertisement and other promotion tools. Purchase of Business to Business has also come to new business portal such as Alibaba.com, e- worldtrade.com.

B2B marketing or organisational marketing is form of marketing where a formal organisation create a need to purchase product  and service  for their commercial and industrial use and identify ,evaluate  among different  brands and promotion.

Importance of B2B Marketing

Business to Business strategy allow companies and business owner to reach wide range of audience by the use of internet – key to success in b2b world.

It makes faster growth because once a business deal is closed it assure a steady fix income depending on business to business contract.

B2b strategy trim down the product and service cost by gathering information of target audience by questioner survey data on internet or face to face interaction to particular client on business portal platform.

Create a niche market by creating email marketing, face book page , website development and other e-commerce portal a market is free to control what the buyer want.

Push business each other when one huge manufacturing company associate with popular online shopping portal like Alibaba it leads to be win-win situation for the two giants.

Strategy to Become the Ruler in B2B World

Most of the  business deals and agreement are placed and carry on virtual world platform. My emphasis on plan to create a website.

a.   Create a simple homepage no aristocracy in coloring and pictures.

b.   Relevant  action button in the first home page as online customers do spent too time looking for the whole webpages.

c.    Make the content to the point indicating   what you  want the customers to do.

d.   make a separate e-commerce portal than your website.

e.   Create a automatic interactive session

f.     Navigate your business location so customer identity it easily and also attend your business premises.

g.   Make blog articles and link it with different web portal

h.   Try to take membership of different commerce associate – like Chamber of Commerce, any foreign associate in foreign land and display it in your website gallery.

i.      Display certificate of genuine of your business like Import Export code, Registration cum Membership Certificates, and GSTIN in websites for export.

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