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Bamboo Bottle Import And Export From Kolkata India



Plastic and Glass Bottles contain toxic elements like Lead and Cadmium. After drinking water or other beverages in them, the toxic elements get collected inside human body and may cause harmful effects in the long

Bamboo Bottle is made out of bamboo and doesn’t contain any toxic element. It is 100% healthy for individual and the environment. It’s a total organic and eco-friendly product and shall replace harmful plastic bottles. User shall get the taste of richness and feel the fragrance of Bamboo with every sip in the World’s First 100% Bamboo Water Bottle.

Most Importantly each Bamboo Water Bottle is unique, leak-proof and different in some way from the other. So when you buy a Bamboo Water Bottle you can be sure that nobody else in the world owns one exactly like yours.

Maintenance of bamboo bottle: –
  • – Wash the interior of the water bottle for just 2 minutes with a brush once every.
  • – Keep the Bottle Dry when not in Use & don’t keep water in the bottle for more than 36 hours.
  • – Don’t screw the cap of the bottle more than its.
  • – India is one of the largest resource of bamboo. Several unique products e.g, furniture, ornaments, decorative art work, jewellery may also be exported by us.
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