Chef Medal


The CHEF MEDAL is Bio Ceramic Cookware consists of 8 layers which range from triply stainless steel to coated films along with red clay, charcoal, and ceramic as below.

Due to the addition of Ceramic, Red clay, and Charcoal raw material to the surface of 3PLY stainless steel, it emits far- infrared ray over than 95% even at 40°C so allows you to cook healthier foods quickly without high heat loss. These films do not only protect the cookware against bacterial along with an antibiosis over than 99.9%, but remove micro harmful gas less than 0.02g/2litre.


The surface of All clad Tri-ply (Stainless steel – Aluminium – Stainless steel) cookware is coated with nontoxic eco-friendly ceramic, Loess and charcoal in layers.

Safety has been confirmed through various performance tests proving that neither PFCs like PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOS (Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) nor heavy metals like lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) are detected.

Plus, SUS material hasn’t been exposed in 200,000 times of Abrasion resistance tests (wet condition: 58rpm), and the products passed 6cycle + 3times (63 times) of non-stick performance tests with fried eggs.

As such raw material addition, about 95% of far infrared radiation is generated at the temperature of 40°C so that you can improve the quality of dishes at such low temperature without loss of heat and attain no less than 99.9% of anti- microbial effect.

Due to such all clad tri-ply structure (Stainless steel – Aluminium – Stainless steel), fast, even heat transmission is maintained as well as heat preservation. Both resistance of rust and corrosion as well as gloss effect allow excellent cleansing and hygienic maintenance.

Technical specification & key advantages of Chef Medal

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Test Certificates - Technical Report

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Advanced Chef Medal

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Product Model U/ Price (USD) U/ Price per MOQ (USD) Remarks
ADVANCE TYPE (Triply stainless steel) Frypan (24cm) - -
Frypan (26cm) - -
Frypan (28cm) - -
Wok (24cm) - -
Wok (26cm) - -
Wok (28cm) - -
Saucepan Single hand type (16cm) - -
Saucepan Double hand type (18cm) - -
Saucepan Double handle type (20cm) - -
Saucepan Double handle type (24cm) - -
Oven pan plate (36cm x 22.4cm x 3.2cm) - -
Magic Dish Square type 7pcs/ 1set 16/ 18/ 20/ 22/ 24/ 26/ 2 8cm - -
Magic Dish 5pcs/ 1set Round type 5pcs/ 1set 15.5/18/22/ 26/ 30cm - -


Product Model U/ Price (USD) U/ Price per MOQ (USD) Remarks
STANDARD TYPE (Aluminum) Frypan (26cm) - -
Frypan (28cm) - -
Wok (26cm) - -
Wok (28cm) - -
Saucepan Double hand (18cm) - -
Saucepan Double handle (20cm) - -
STANDARD SET (Frypan 28cm, Wok 26cm, Saucepan single handle 18cm, Saucepan double handle 20cm) - -