Merchentus India Exim International LLP has been conceptualised by Shyamal Kumar Bag, a highly reputed gold medalist Mechanical Engineer. The company has also inducted in the platform Professors and Scientists specialised in botany and agro products.

Shyamal Kumar Bag with other partners had earlier formed another Mining Consultancy ISO company known as Indian Mine Planners & Consultants (www.impcon.co.in). He has worked at Coal India Ltd, the biggest coal company in the World, for more than two decades. He has also been associated as Consultant/Representative of Global Giant Mining Manufacturers. He has high personal reputation in the field of engineering. Profiles of all the members are included in the Profile Section.

Due to surge in need and prospect of export business in the post Covid-19 stage this company has been formed for exporting highly valuable and demanding products of India in the field of agricultural, ayurvedic, herbal, organic food items, textile, bamboo products and eco-friendly items. The products are described in the product page with detailed write-up and custom made videos.

Apart, for continuous up- dation of our buyers, we have also included two blog sections in our website, where regularly blogs are being posted. In that way, our website is unique, innovative and most informative.

Visitors and buyers shall definitely appreciate our dedicated efforts to enhance their knowledge on our products.


Since ancient times, trade with foreign lands has been in practice in India. If one turns the pages of history, it is found that trade with distant lands existed since as far back as 1100 B.C. Archaeologists have found from excavations at various places that ancient India had trade relations with Greece, Arab countries, Germany, China, Japan, Java etc.


India exports approximately 7500 commodities to about 190 countries, and imports around 6000 commodities from 140 countries.

Indian exports have still not achieved their true potential and there exists immense opportunities for expanding the basket of India’s exports. Govt. of India is encouraging export in the present global crisis. New foreign trade policy for 2020 – 2025 is already published with the provisions for several additional benefits for export.

As an EXIM company we would like to become an active participant in the mission of Govt. of India for increasing export by connecting buyers from all over the Globe and making them aware and interested to look at the rich treasure of India.


Our effort shall serve the purpose of our Govt of India. Our dedicated team shall bring new out- of-box products for our foreign buyers.We are determined to maintain best quality of our products to maintain the prestige of India. Our buyers satisfaction and appreciation shall be our inspiration.