DSI High Angle Conveyors

DSI High Angle Conveyors

There are many ways to convey bulk materials, and no one knows that better than Dos Santos International. The system is based on the principle of sandwiching the bulk material between two smooth surfaced rubber belts and hugging the material continuously without lapse in order to develop its internal friction and preclude any tendency to slide back even at conveying angles up to 90 degrees (vertical).

Dos Santos International is the foremost authority on Sandwich Belt high angle conveyors and their 40 years of bulk materials handling has provided innovative solutions across the globe. They’ve proven both versatile and reliable in applications like ship loading, in-pit conveying, tunnelling and even for pulp, paper and biomass.

Present global warming is a challenge for the whole World. There is need to move towards green technology in future. DSI high angle conveyor transport in opencast mines shall be the green transport technology in the mine.

The main advantages of this system can be summarised as follows:

  • i) Lowest cost/ ton for transport
  • ii) Low operating cost with regard to energy, manpower, spares, maintenance etc.
  • ii) Life exceeds 20 years, which is more than dumpers
  • iv) Run with electric drive
  • v) Carrying the material between two belts maintains a good environmental solutions
  • vi) Can be made using a shiftable/ mobile design

MoU has been signed between Dos Santos International, US and Merchentus India Exim International LLP on 22nd March, 2023 DSI granting authority to Merchentus India for manufacturing of DSI Snake High Angle Conveyor in India and also to market their products in India and Australia.

This will re-define transportation of ore in mines both from opencast and deep underground as total pollution free, most energy efficient at the same time shall bring down the cost of transportation, which is the highest cost in mining. Such venture is for the first time by DSI in the World and perfect example of “Make in India” to indigenize the most advanced transport technology.

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